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Laxatives To Lose Weight

By CGTLW On April 6, 2013 Under How To Lose Weight

There are many names with which laxatives can be referred to. They are sometimes known as aperients or purgatives. Laxatives are available in various forms. These forms include drugs, compounds or food. The main aim of laxatives is to soften one’s stool or to induce the movement of bowel. These substances are normally designed for medical purposes or to counter the issues of constipation. In the medical field, they are majorly used for rectal examination and also in cleaning the colon. Laxatives help in elimination of undigested food that normally remains in the large intestine and the colon. However, in the recent days, laxatives have been popularly used for the purpose of weight loss.

Before using any kind of laxative for this purpose, it is strongly recommended that one knows its side effects. There are a number of symptoms which can be observed with the use of laxatives. The symptoms include, stomach cramps, bloating, diarrhea, just to mention a few.

The following are some of the best known laxatives to lose weight:

Stool softeners: These laxatives, when taken, make fluids to mix in the stool. This makes the stool to become soft and therefore becoming easier to pass. The laxatives act as lubricants. They coat the wall of the colon and the stool with a resistant film of water. This leads to a smooth passage of the stool. For this result to be realized, time of around twelve to forty eight hours is required. This is to say, the whole process is not instantaneous. Most of these laxatives are taken with liquids. It is recommended that they should not be taken at least two to three hours after -+meal. The side effects of these laxatives include irritation in the throat, skin rash, stomach cramps among others. These laxatives can also give rise to a number of other problems if they contain mineral oils. They are of great help in preventing constipation. A good example is docusate. They, indeed, help a lot in weight loss.

Stimulant Laxatives: these are made using herbs or even chemicals which make the muscles of intestine to spasm and contract. These types of laxatives take relatively lesser time to produce the result. They are also not free of side effects. They are associated with dehydration, diarrhea, etc. A person may get addicted to using them, especially when used for a long period of time. This may cause a big harm to the linings of the intestine. Examples of laxatives under this category are castor oil, senna, cascara sagada, etc.

Osmotic Agents: these laxatives are responsible for drawing water into the large intestine. This makes stool to bulk up. The whole process leads to contraction. They may take up to forty eight hours to yield the required result. There side effects include dizziness excess fatigue, irregular heartbeat, muscle cramps, confusion, etc. They can also sometime cause build up of minerals in the body and dehydration which in turn can result into excess pressure on the kidney

Fiber products: these are the safest laxatives to lose weight. Sometimes they are referred to as bulk producing agents, often made of fiber. They are also act slowly, i.e. take between twelve to thirty six hours to give out the result. They cause bulking up of stools which in turn makes the intestines to contract. This also cause the movement of the bowel. One should take sufficient amount of liquids when taking these laxatives. The side effects associated with these laxatives include blockage of intestine, allergic reactions, bloating, gas among other effects. Examples include psyllium husk, bran, guar gum, methyl cellulose, bran, etc. examples of foods under this category include prunes, broccoli, apples, etc.

These are the best laxatives used for weight loss. However, it is strongly recommended that one consult health professional before he or she takes any of them. This is necessary because these professionals will also give the right dosage.


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